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“Would a girl be elated if a young man told her, ‘You are the most popular petter I ever knew?’ Could he tell her, ‘You are outstanding for your ardent petting?’”

-- Youth’s Courtship Problems, 1940


Reviews for How to Date in a Post-Dating World


“Fabulously witty …”
-- Kirkus Reviews


“Mapes offers decidedly frank advice … that never panders to sexist clichés. Instead of decreeing a one-size-fits-all formality to the dating process, Mapes encourages readers to seek out what works for them, whether it’s online dating or using a wingman (or woman) … Her ‘be yourself’ motto is refreshing, and her amusing dictionary of dating and the helpful roundup of online sites are the perfect antidote to a bad date.”
-- Bust Magazine (June/July 2006)


 “A witty yet wise guide to the frenetic, confounding world of dating today, online and off.”

-- Seattle Post-Intelligencer


“Mapes has compiled research and interviews into a guide that's fun and easy to read, even if you've found ‘the one.’ "

-- The Associated Press


"A fabulous compendium."

-- Seattle Metropolitan Magazine

"In the introduction to her witty yet practical guide, "How to Date in a Post-Dating World," author Diane Mapes poses this question: "How do we date in a world where a hundred years of conflicting customs, shifting social mores, and a consumer-crazed society have made it easier to get our own reality TV show than find someone we actually like?" To answer this question, Mapes provides a variety of tips, fun dating facts, and stories from dozens of singles to help readers navigate the murky channels of modern-day dating. Even if you're happily ensconced in a relationship, this book will entertain you with its glimpse into today's dating world. Naked speed dating anyone?

-- Amazon.com (Nonfiction Pick for July/August 2006)

“This handy little guide attempts to do the nearly impossible: sort through the conflicting customs, changing morals and rapidly evolving technology that makes dating in today's world such a nightmare. And, we have to say, it does a darn good job. Readable and funny, so you'll actually, y’know, use the thing, this book is packed full of sensible advice on everything from hygiene and grooming to the latest ways to find a date (silent dating?!) to what to do once you’re on one. And we were laughing our butts off at the anecdotes from real folks that are sprinkled throughout the book (we loved the fact that they intermixed gay stories among the straight ones without blinking an eye). Single folks will find this book incredibly useful and reassuring, not to mention a surprisingly fun read!”

-- Blowfish.com, Good Products for Great Sex


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How to Date in a Post-Dating World • published by Sasquatch Books • Seattle, WA